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Marine Services

A Clean Boat Is a Happy Boat

Fuel Polishing, Bilge Cleaning, Oil Changes and Other Marine Services

Maintain your boat in top condition with Oceanview Marine Services, LLC. From fuel polishing to bilge cleaning and oil changes to fiberglass buffing, we do it all. Boat maintenance is our specialty. Contact* us for more information about our marine services.

Marine Services
Many of our marine services are important to protect the environment. We believe strongly in keeping the ocean clean for everyone. In fact, we were green before being green was popular!

Bilge Cleaning
Keep the ocean blue with our bilge cleaning. A clean bilge will smell better and prevent discharge fines. It is important for everyone on the water to treat it right through proper bilge cleaning. Don't be fooled by bilge cleaners who only disperse the oily water and discharge it over the side. We properly dispose of your oily bilge wastes so you and the fish don't swim in it. We clean green to keep it blue.

Fuel Polishing
Maintain reliable operation of your boat with our fuel polishing services. Cleaning diesel sludge from the tanks of your boat ensures trouble-free operation. Clean fuel prevents plugged filters while underway, rust, acid and water accumulation. We can also pressure test your tanks to help locate leaks. Keep your family safe and underway with a clean system.

 Oil Changes
Regular oil changes keeps your boat engine humming along. We will come to you to provide on-location oil changes from our own boat. This is one way we offer convenience to our customers. Why choose someone who drags your waste oil around the marina and puts it next to the dumpster? Oceanview has just what you need. Your engine and marina will thank you.

Boat, Green Marine in San Diego, CA

Battery Testing and Replacement

Boat batteries are often the most ignored part of a vessels systems. If left unchecked, batteries can leave you stranded. Let us keep your vessels electrical heart thumping. We only deal in respected brand named batteries. Don't leave your family's safety to chance when reliable batteries matter.

Fiberglass Buffing & Waxing
Give your boat a nice, new appearance with a buff and wax. We give your boat the added protection fiberglass needs. Impress your neighbors by keeping your boat buffed and waxed with your fresh appearance at all times.

*Contact us at (619) 523-4378 in San Diego, California, to schedule our green marine services.

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